About the LensRacks Project

If you love photography as much as we do, then we are sure that you have a collection of lenses and other camera gear. We all know lenses can get very expensive and they are investments that can last a long time under good care. Our patent pending LensRacks camera gear storage system is the perfect way to store and organize your precious investments with style.

Who is LensRacks for?

LensRacks camera gear storage system is designed for owners of Nikon, Canon, Sony E-Mount, and Micro 4/3s lenses who want to be organized with their camera gear. With LensRacks’ modularity and expandability, the LensRacks camera gear storage system caters to amateurs, professionals, and everyone else in between.



Expandable and Modular
LensRacksTM camera gear storage system's modular design allows for your storage to grow with your camera gear collection.

Support for Different Lens Systems
LensRacks camera gear storage system is compatible with:
- Nikon F-Mount
- Canon EF-Mount
- Sony E-Mount
- Micro FourThirds

*Support for other manufacturers is in the plan for the future.

Ultra Fast Lens Changes
Change lenses without having to put down the camera or fiddle with lens caps.

More Than Just Lenses
Flash Holder is compatible with flash locking mechanism.
Tripod Adapter comes with 1/4-20 tripod thread.

(Disclaimer: Manfrotto 323 adapter not included)

For All of Your Gear
LensRacksTM camera gear storage system provides the perfect solution for organizing your camera gear collection.
With our lens holders, your original lens caps are no longer needed.

Limitless Possibilities
The flash holders hold more than just flashes.
The cold shoe receptable can be used to hold monitors, microphones, video lights, flash triggers, and more.

Strong and Stable
The aircraft aluminum rail is more than capable to support the heaviest of lenses.
Rail stands with rubber grip are mounted at the ends to provide exceptional stability.

Be Organized
Always have your lenses in the same position by easily identifying where to place each lens.
(Disclaimer: Labels purchased separately)


1 - Design

LensRacks camera gear storage system was designed in beautiful British Columbia of Canada by a group of mechanical engineers.

2 - Manufacturing

The components of each LensRacks camera gear storage system are manufactured from different factories specializing in plastic injection molding and aluminium extrusion.

3 - Assembly and Packaging

Each LensRacks camera gear storage system is assembled, packaged, and shipped out from British Columbia, Canada.

How To Use



Specs V3


To meet demands of all photographers, three standard LensRacks camera gear storage systems are available to choose from!

what you get v7

How to Buy

LensRacks camera gear storage system is available for purchase at our online web store.


About Us

Our Story

LensRacks camera gear storage system was designed by the engineers at Ansix Designs in Canada. At Ansix Designs, we strive to design high quality products that are both affordable and useful. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve existing and to create new products, We believe there are always better, simpler ways to do things. We believe LensRacks camera gear storage system is a perfect example of our design philosophy.

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